Is there a warranty on products other than cabinetry?

Yes, most products come with some sort of warranty.  For example, Ceasarstone quartz comes with a lifetime warranty against defects, and Rev-A-Shelf products come with a 30 day warranty against defects.  We’d be happy to provide you with the warranty document for any product you purchase.

Can I return products other than cabinetry?

Generally, we have purchased these as needed and cannot accept returns.  If something is defective we will certainly do whatever is possible to remedy that.

What is the warranty on your cabinetry?

Mamas cabinetry products (Classic Wood Cabinetry and Modern Flat Doors) are covered by a 2 year warranty.  It covers any defective materials or materials that did not hold up to reasonable wear.  Under warranty the material will be replaced, but the customer is responsible for exchanging the defective pieces at the warehouse and replacing them at the jobsite.  Our installers can do the work for a labour fee.

St Martin Cabinetry is covered by a 10 year limited warranty.  The full document can be provided to you by any salesperson.

How do I return or exchange cabinetry?

Please bring your invoice, packing slip, or order number with you to the warehouse at the back of the building.  Somebody there will help you process the return or exchange.

Any returns must be approved by the warehouse supervisor, and then someone will fill out a return slip that you must bring to the salesperson who sold you the cabinets to have the purchase price filled in, and then the return slip can be given to accounting for any applicable refund.

What is your return policy on cabinets?

Mamas Kitchen Cabinets cabinetry products can be returned within 30 days to the warehouse under the following policy:

Unopened flat-packs: 95% refund Opened flat packs with quality issues (company at fault): 100% refund Opened flat packs without quality issues: 90% refund Assembled cabinets, undamaged, no drilled holes: 70% refund Installed cabinets, undamaged, no drilled holes in doors: 30% refund Special ordered items: Non-refundable

My door/drawer soft closing mechanism isn’t working.

Framed Doors: Make sure you have a “soft close part” attached to one hinge on each door.  If it’s not slowing the door effectively, twist the back circle to adjust the tension and try again.  You can remove it by pinching the back.

Frameless Doors: These doors can still make a small noise if they do not have “bumpers” or little round rubber bubbles at the bottom corner of the door.  If these are missing you can stop by to pick some up.  If this is not the issue and the door is larger you may need to replace one hinge.

Drawers: Remove the drawer from the slide by holding both sides and pinching the mechanisms at the bottom.

What tools do I need to assemble the cabinets?

Included in the packaging is a small white box with the necessary hardware. All of the screws and cam locks are Philips head, and the sink base hardware is flat-head.  A screwdriver is enough; power tools may break the hardware.

If there are any drawers, you’ll need a mallet to assemble the dovetail joints.  Some sandpaper will take care of any imperfections once they’re interlocked.

You should have a professional mount the cabinets for you. The hardware for this is not included.

Can I order my cabinets in flat-packs aka RTA?

You can order our cabinets unassembled, however you will be asked to sign a release.  We assemble our cabinets on-site for your convenience and also as a quality-control measure.  If you choose to take home your cabinets before they’ve been assembled, we have not had the opportunity to check the product since it was packaged at the factory.  Therefore we recommend you take the time to check the packaging when you pick up the cabinets.  They are still covered under our warranty, should anything turn out to be defective even once you get it home.

If I have damaged something, is it possible to buy replacement pieces?

We can certainly order you replacement parts.  Just let us know what style of cabinet you ordered, the size of the cabinet, and what part you need and we’ll give you a quote.

Can I remove pieces to clean them?

Most doors can be removed if you need to take them down to clean them.  Frameless cabinets have a mechanism on the back of the cabinet-end of the hinge that releases the door and hinge from a mounting plate.  Framed cabinets do not have this mechanism and should not be removed.  They can be adjusted with a screwdriver, if necessary.

Shelves can be lifted out, and the shelf holders can be moved to adjust the shelves.

Drawers can be removed by grabbing them on either side and pinching a mechanism that attaches the drawers to the slides.  Set the drawer back down, a little farther forward, and pull the slides forward until they click back in.