How can I maintain my cabinetry and countertop?

Treat your cabinetry like furniture; close the drawers with your hands, don’t let water sit in the cabinets, don’t pull on the doors, and remember that wood can scratch or dent if it’s mistreated.

Quartz and Granite countertops are pretty easy maintenance.  Maintain the finish by not using abrasive cleaners and by using hot-pads and cutting boards.  Maintain the colour by cleaning up spills right away.  Granite is naturally porous and should be sealed occasionally.  The frequency will depend on the sealant, so be sure and read the bottle for direction.

Do not stand on stone countertop- even quartz.  Excessive weight can cause even stone to crack.

Laminate countertops are easy to clean, but make sure the joints are kept dry and that you use hot pads to protect the surface.  Hot pans can burn and bubble the laminate.