Snow White

This door has been added to our collection as white shaker doors have become a clear trend. These cabinets have been constructed in the European style to create a clean, simple, linear look.

Shaker Snow White is a great choice for rooms where lighting isn’t ideal, as white doesn’t absorb any light and keeps the space brighter. Of course, it also looks beautiful in sunny spaces!

All of our frameless cabinets are made from 3/4″ plywood with tongue-in-groove plastic face tape (White, in this style). The plywood is coated in maple-print water-resistant material. The shelves are plywood and the shelf holders are metal.

Frameless, European style
Door Compostition:
Plywood rails and stiles, mdf reverse raised panel, shaker construction
Undermount soft-close
Drawer composition:
Solid Maple frame, dovetail joinery, dadoed plywood bottom